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Thank you for helping those living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. Each and every gift you send is truly appreciated.
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Child Sponsorship


Sponsor a Child Like Fatuma Now

Two-year-old Benjamin was born with congenital bilateral cataracts. He is the youngest of five children and, unfortunately, he is not the only one in his family living with blindness. His older sister and both parents are also blind. Daily life for this family is a struggle. Some in their local community say the family is cursed, but thankfully, there are others who know this is not true. They help the family perform daily chores and to earn a living.

Benjamin’s father Steven, who is completely blind, says, “My prayer every day is to God to grant Benjamin sight since he is the last born, and he can be our eyes because his mother, Gladys, and I are both blind.”

Benjamin suffers from social isolation and is often not in the best mood. He is a very sad little boy. On the day of the visit by the cbm-funded health care worker, Benjamin is being carried on his mother’s back so she knows where he is! This is of some comfort to him, but the blaring sun is hot, and this makes him feel uneasy. Added to this he is hungry, as the family generally only have one meal a day. When Gladys puts him down, he cries out as his leg is fractured due to a recent fall!

All this is enough to deal with, without local children also bullying Benjamin because he is blind. He cries out to try to stop them from taunting him, but he is unable to defend himself. He cries even louder for his mother Gladys, or his father Steven, to come and rescue him but often they are unable to help because they simply cannot see where he is!

Benjamin urgently needs your help. Without vital surgery, his future and the future of this family, is very bleak. “It scares me that Benjamin is blind, I want the best for my son but we don’t have the money to help him. I pray to God that one day help will come, and that Benjamin will be able to see and lead a normal life, and even study to be a teacher or a lawyer,” says Gladys.

But there is hope for Benjamin.

Through your monthly gifts, everything can change. Benjamin will be able to receive the miracle of sight-saving cataract surgery to restore his sight. His family could never afford to do this, but your generosity makes it possible. Benjamin will be able to make friends with other children, and go to school. He will have a brighter future.

This one child represents the many children you can help when you become a cbm child Sponsor. You will enjoy seeing the impact your generosity can have on the lives of children like Benjamin.

Become a cbm Child Sponsor today and help more vulnerable children like Benjamin overcome the double disadvantage of poverty and disability.

How it works

As a cbm Child Sponsor, your gifts are working in the poorest countries, where up to 80% of children with a disability will die without help before their 5th birthday.

Our cbm Child Sponsorship works in three ways:

1. Finding: Children with a disability are often hidden away in dark corners. Your gifts help us to find them.

2. Life-saving Action: Children with disabilities often need urgent medical care or intensive rehabilitation. Your sponsorship provides urgently needed treatment that will save their lives.

3. Continuing Care: Once a child’s impairment is treated, we can’t send them back home alone. Your sponsorship helps break down the traditional fear of disability, so children are welcomed back into their families, schools and communities.

What is unique about cbm’s Child Sponsorship?

It focuses on children with a disability. You are helping children who can’t see or walk or hear. Children that are often hidden away out of shame and superstition. Schools often turn away children with disabilities. Families slide further into poverty, because caring for children with disabilities leaves less time and energy to make a living.

Thanks to cbm Child Sponsors these children, rejected because of their disability, are welcomed into school and their community. You improve their lives forever.

One featured child each year represents all the children being helped in the programme. We will take you on a journey with a representative child. This sponsorship is less complex and less expensive to administer; therefore more of your money is invested in improving children’s lives.

What does your sponsorship cover?

Your sponsorship covers the cost of surgery and rehabilitation for one child. You are investing in sight-saving, leg-straightening, life-changing work. You help families and communities lift themselves out of poverty, by providing job training, business coaching and small loans.

You can take great joy in the wonderful things you can do for children like Benjamin.

Your generosity as a cbm Child Sponsor reflects God’s love by helping children with disabilities receive the vital support they need to live their lives as God intended. Thank you for caring.

Follow the lives of the representative children in cbm’s Child Sponsorship Programme by clicking on the images below.

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