Church Partnership

Become a Church Ambassador

We would love you to inspire your church family and let them know about cbm’s life-transforming ministry.

Here is some information to help you present cbm to your church. If you have:

3 minutes a month – Put a few copies of cbm’s Bible bookmarks, brochures, and Prayer Diaries out at church for people to take home.

5 minutes a month – Ask if you can incorporate cbm prayers into your service once a month. You can use cbm’s Prayer Diary for inspiration, or reach out to our team at cbm for specific current needs.

10 minutes a month – Ask your church or group leader if you could take up a collection or offering for cbm. You could show one of the video clips listed below to give an overview of cbm’s ministry. To help people respond to the collection, you can also hand out our lovely prayer bookmark with the donation envelopes.

15 minutes a month – Perhaps cbm could be your church’s “Charity Partner”, or maybe it could choose to support cbm for a certain period, such as during Advent in the lead up to Christmas (see below for more details). cbm has developed a beautiful 4-week Advent resource to help support church services in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. You may like to speak to your church leadership about joining cbm in celebrating Advent this year.

1 hour a month – Give a short talk on cbm at your service, or to your missions group, using the free resources we can provide. You could do this any time of the year, or use ‘World Sight Day’ in October as a focus.

2 hours a month – Organise or co-ordinate a fundraising activity. Let us know your plans in advance so we can support you with all you may need.

Raising money and renewing hope.

A great practical thing you can do as a Church Ambassador, to help transform the lives of people with disabilities, is to encourage and support fundraising initiatives. This can be as simple as a sponsored silence or as exciting as an all-day event to help raise funds – it is really up to you.

Every dollar you raise will help to transform the lives of children and adults with disabilities in the world’s poorest places. For some programmes we can add a financial match to the funds raised – boosting the impact even further and helping more people.

If you are thinking of raising money for cbm, through a church collection or a fundraising event such as a cake sale or coffee morning, we are here to help you.

If your church is considering fundraising or pledging more than $1,000 in a year, we could bring your church closer to the people you are helping by providing a speaker, or arranging a “live online link up” with one of our overseas field workers.

To learn more about becoming a Church Ambassador, please email or call 0800 77 22 64 to talk to the team.

Join us for Advent 2024

Click here to join Advent 2024

Join us online for Advent 2024 to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Invite your family, friends and neighbours and spread the good news!

“A Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.” – Luke 2:11

You are invited to join our cbm family, our team, and other believers around Aotearoa, in celebrating Advent 2024!

You will receive a free online four week Advent series where each week you will have access to: suggested scripture for prayers and reflection during the week; impact stories and videos about cbm’s mission to bring Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to people living with disabilities in the world’s poorest places; Advent colouring in and a ‘how to’ guide to make your own Advent wreath; opportunities to give meaningful gifts this Christmas, and more…

Click here to join in the four week Advent series.

Advent Church Partnership

In the four weeks leading up to Christmas, a number of Churches use cbm’s Advent resources.

For each of the four weeks, cbm will provide a weekly sermon outline focussing on the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. Included will be scriptures, suggested sermon notes, prayers, cbm transformational stories (with cbm short videos), each connected to the week’s Advent theme.

To learn more about your Church participating in Advent, please email or call 0800 77 22 64 to talk to the team.

Our team would love to hear from you