About Us

Our Vision

An inclusive world in which all people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

Fighting to end the cycle of poverty and disability.

Sure Prospects Primary school is an inclusive school. It is a partner school with CoRSU hospital, CBM’s partner in Entebbe district in Uganda. Please refer to respective report. 
Here Shamilla a 12 year old girl with other pupils in the classroom. Shamilla has cerebral palsy and associates well with other children in this school.

Our Values

  • We Champion Inclusion
    • We believe everyone is equal before God. We are passionate about working with people with disabilities to build a world in which all people are included, valued and respected.
  • We Strive for Justice
    • We work for positive change, inspired by a vision of a just and equitable world. We will model justice and faithful love as Jesus did, serving those in greatest need, regardless of race, gender, age or religious belief.
  • We Pursue Excellence
    • We are committed to achieving the greatest possible impact from the resources entrusted to us, attaining high quality in all our work. We challenge ourselves to constantly learn, innovate and improve.
  • We Embrace Partnership
    • We achieve more when we work with others. We commit to partnership, listening and learning together. We collaborate creatively with partners, supporters, governments and colleagues to achieve lasting change.
  • We Live with Integrity
    • We show God’s character by seeking to live by our values and fulfill our commitments. We hold ourselves accountable to our supporters and those we serve, seeking to live authentically, responsibly and honestly.


    Our History

    cbm (known as the Christian Blind Mission) was founded by the German Pastor, Ernst Jakob Christoffel in Turkey in 1908. His pioneering work, establishing homes for blind children, orphans and the physically disabled in the Middle East and Asia, was driven by his deep faith in God. Although two world wars threatened to destroy his work, he did not give up, continuing the work through illness and into old age. Today cbm continues in his footsteps, as an international Christian development organisation, working to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest persons with disabilities.

    Our Staff

    Murray Sheard

    Murray was born in Wellington and grew up in Thames. From there, he has lived and worked across the world, including a year within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. Murray joined cbm in August 2018, after working at Tearfund
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    Robyn Tane

    Engagement Director
    Robyn has worked in the charitable sector for over 12 years. Originally working in the finance sector, she says she had an ‘ah ha’ moment in her first charity role where she could ‘finally use her skills to help people.’
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    Judi Jones

    Finance & Operations Director
    Judi grew up in South Africa, and moved to Auckland with her family in 2009.She joined cbm in June 2019, after having served as a financial auditor for 25 years across various industries and sectors
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    Linabel Hadlee

    International Programmes Director
    Linabel has contributed with work and research in the international development field for the last 15 years. Linabel’s previous experience includes roles in the United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs based in New York and as an advisor for the United Nations Environmental Programme.
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    Hermie Petersen

    Engagement Manager
    Hermie joined the cbm team in 2010. Prior to working for cbm she lived in South Africa and worked as an External Business Banker. What I love about my job is: I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of cbm.
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    Bruce Morriss

    Engagement Manager
    Bruce came to cbm in November 2018 after almost 21 years in the charity sector. Up until 2009 he worked part-time for Tearfund and part-time as a Mechanical Services Engineer in Christchurch.
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    Our Board Members

    Andrew Smith

    Board Chair
    Andrew joined the Board in 2019 and is Chair of the Personnel and Compensation Committee and a member of the International Programmes Committee.
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    Susan Willis-Hirst

    Board Member
    Susan joined the Board in 2014. Susan is the Chair of the Strategic Marketing Committee and a member of the Personnel Committee. Susan holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Marketplace Christianity from Regent College, Vancouver
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    Ray Coster

    Board Member
    Ray joined the cbm NZ Board in 2015 because of his conviction that the heart of God is to care for the poor and needy. Knowing that as cbm cares for the poorest of the poor and the disabled among the poor, that this is a ministry where he would like to give some of his time
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    Veronia Houghton

    Board Member
    Veronia is a chartered accountant and chartered member of the Institute of Directors. She is a self-employed business woman, a company director and financial officer for several private property development and investment companies and serves on local community not-for-profit boards
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    Geraldine Crudge

    Board Member
    Geraldine joined the Board in 2020 and is on the Personnel and Compensation Committee. Geraldine is a solicitor, and currently works in-house as an employment lawyer for a large public sector organisation.
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    Evan Clulee

    Board Member
    Evan joined the Board in 2022. He has worked across the disability sector in various roles over 30 years, including being CEO of an intentional Christian community supporting people with an intellectual disability.
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    Neil Murray

    Board Member
    Neil is a retired eye surgeon who was active, often together with his wife Tania and children, in inclusive eye work in the developing and developed world for nearly 30 years, including for cbm in West Africa.
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    Hanre Becker

    Board Member
    Hanre has a passion for the double disadvantage of poverty and disability, and hopes to make a difference with his involvement in cbm and all their exceptional projects.
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    Ian Horne

    Board Member
    Recently retired from a career in banking and the public sector, Ian now seeks to utilise his skills in governance, finance and organisational management, in the not for profit sector.
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