Gifts of Life

Give the Gift of Life and Change a Life

Gifts of Life is a great way of sharing our blessings with those in need – and passing on the true meaning of giving to our loved ones at the same time. It’s a way of saying “thank you” for the many blessings we receive.

Buying Gifts of Life is easy. Give the Gift of Life by simply choosing your gifts and adding it to your cart, view your cart and then proceed to check out to pay.

Gifts of $5 or more are tax deductible (except for calendars).

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Give a Chicken

Give the gift of a chicken and a chicken house to a person with a disability. The eggs will feed the family....


cbm Calendar 2022

Our beautifully photographed 2022 calendar shows the impact your generosity has made across the world, with space to write birthdays and appointments....


Grow Vegetables

Give the gift of seeds to a person living in poverty with a disability. These seeds will be planted and nurtured, giving them healthy vegetables....


Prevent Trachoma

Help children in Ethiopia by providing treatment to keep them S.A.F.E. from the agony and blindness of Trachoma....


Adult Cataract Surgery

Give the gift of a 12-minute cataract surgery to restore sight to those living in remote locations....


Give a Goat

Help a person living in poverty with a disability to buy a goat. They provide milk and manure for growing food....


Help a Child to Walk

Give the gift of movement by providing crutches, leg braces, wheelchairs and walking frames to enable children to join in and play with their friends....


Help a Child to Read

Having a pair of glasses makes all the difference to children with poor vision, helping them see the board in class and read books....


Equip an eye centre

Help to equip an eye centre in Western Kenya with surgical supplies to turn blindness into sight for people living with cataracts....


COVID-19 response

Help protect vulnerable people living in the world’s poorest places from the triple burden of poverty, disability and COVID-19....


Where Needed Most

This gift will be used where most needed to transform lives and restore hope for those living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability....


Life-changing Fistula Surgery

Help to transform the life of a woman living with obstetric fistula. Help heal these sick and heartbroken women....


Give Sight to a Child

Give the miracle gift of sight-saving cataract surgery to a child under full anesthesia....


Start a Business

Give a parent with disabilities the gift of independence and the ability to provide for their family....


Orthopaedic Surgery for Children

Give the gift of orthopaedic surgery to children to straighten their limbs so they are never again left behind....


Disability in the Classroom

Help students with a disability get the help they need: teacher training, braille machines, specialised technology....


Fund an Outreach Clinic

Help find and refer children and adults living with avoidable blindness to cataract outreach clinics, for surgery and post-surgical follow ups....


Help Train an Ophthalmologist

Give the miracle of sight by helping to train future ophthalmologists so more people can receive sight-saving surgery....


Cataract Surgical Instruments

Ophthalmologists operate on delicate eyes. Your generous gift will ensure they have the necessary instruments to perform cataract surgeries....