3-year-old Sophia was born with congenital bilateral cataracts. She is the youngest in the family, and much-loved by everyone. Sophia is eager to learn and although she started attending kindergarten, sadly, her blindness has made it difficult for her to continue.

Sophia suffers from social isolation, and when the cbm-funded health care worker visited, Sophia was sitting by herself, listening to the children play without her. Her parents say she is an intelligent child, keen to learn English and to learn to count, and when other children are around the house, she listens intently to their conversation.

“We are very worried that if Sophia does not get treatment she will not be able to live a normal life like the other children”, says her mother Joyce.

Then everything changed. Thanks to generous monthly gifts from cbm Child Sponsors, Sophia received sight-saving cataract surgery at a cbm-funded hospital in Uganda.

Now Sophia’s life will never be the same again. Her eyes are clear and bright after receiving cataract surgery; but best of all, Sophia is no longer the sad little girl, sitting by herself. She can now run and play, keeping up with the other children.

This one child represents the many children you can help when you become a cbm child Sponsor. You will enjoy seeing the impact your generosity can have on the lives of children, like Sophia.

Become a cbm Child Sponsor today and help more vulnerable children, like Sophia, overcome the double challenge of poverty and disability.

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