Poverty and disability go hand in hand creating a cycle of inequality, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty.

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By partnering with cbm you can directly help those living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. Your impact will be amplified through cbm's proven partner networks, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond what is possible on its own. cbm partnerships exist at both the grassroots and strategic level creating a catalyst for immediate and lasting change.

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Current Appeal – COVID-19

COVID-19 is tearing through PNG. And people with disabilities are at the back of every queue for help...


Cataracts – Papua New Guinea

Turn blindness into sight in the remote Highlands of Papua New Guinea… Imagine being blind and isolated, unable to be with your loved ones, and...


Cataracts – Rwanda

Support the Kabgayi Eye Unit and give the miracle of sight to more children like Dieu Aimé who are needlessly blind… The Kabgayi Eye Unit (KEU)...


Cataracts – Kenya

Give the miracle of sight to Bungoma County, Western Kenya – which has a population of over 1.7 million – and no fully functioning eye hospital!...


River Blindness – Nigeria

Save children and adults from unbearable pain and life-long blindness. The impact of your gift will be multiplied x7. Your donation will be...


Trachoma – Ethiopia

Keep people like Mulu S.A.F.E from the agony of sight-stealing Trachoma. This programme aims to improve the quality of life of people living in...


Fistula – Nigeria

Bring hope and dignity to women like Maimunat suffering from a debilitating condition called obstetric fistula. cbm is helping to ensure women...


Disability (Rehab) – Papua New Guinea

Help people like Opa receive vital life-changing surgeries so they can live their lives as God intended. In Papua New Guinea, the vast majority...


Disability (Rehab) – Nepal

Help children like Suman receive vital life-changing surgeries so they can run and play with their friends, go to school and plan for a brighter...


Disability (Rehab) – Bangladesh

This is an exodus in our time! Help the Rohingya refugees – some of the most persecuted people in our world today! The displaced Rohingya people...


Inclusive Education – Papua New Guinea

Help more people like Clency receive the vital educational support they need so they fulfil their God given potential, and also use their skills...


Inclusive Livelihoods – India

Help farmers like Neeraj learn important agricultural skills so they can develop a successful agricultural business providing a livelihood for...


Inclusive Livelihoods – Laos

Help people like Khamkeng, living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability, to overcome social isolation and discrimination, by...


Mental Health – Burkina Faso

Break the chains and set people like Boukary in Burkina Faso free from the prison of extreme mental illness. Burkina Faso is a country with a...


Humanitarian Action

Make a difference and ensure the protection and safety of people with disabilities, so no one is left behind or excluded in an emergency...


COVID-19 Pandemic

Help families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines....


Where Needed Most

Your gift to ‘where needed most’ will help the ministry of cbm by working alongside people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places to...


Child Sponsorship

A much-loved youngest son, Benjamin's parents were devastated to be told at just a week old that he was blind. They too are blind...

Latest News

8 June 2021

Isolated in Nepal

Abandoned at birth by his mother, and with an alcoholic father, 11-year-old Yam is fully reliant on his grandmother for his routine tasks and...

13 May 2021

End Obstetric Fistula

Obstetric fistula is a health condition that has life-threatening consequences for women in some of the poorest countries in the world, and is...

20 April 2021

Discontinuation of Cheques

Thank you for the kind and generous gifts you give to help those living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. You are the...

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