Inclusive Education – Madagascar

Thank you for helping people living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. Each and every gift you send is truly appreciated.
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Inclusive Education – Madagascar


Please help deliver quality inclusive education for children with disabilities in Madagascar.


  • Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy (FLM) (Malagasy Lutheran Church)
  • The Federation of Deaf People in Madagascar (FMM)
  • The Federation of Blind persons in Madagascar (FAAM)
  • Madagascar’s Ministry of National Education
  • Audiology clinics and eye health hospitals


Although there has been significant achievements in Madagascar regarding inclusive education strategies, a number of challenges remain a barrier to inclusive education for children with disabilities. These include insufficient teacher training on inclusion and disability, and accessibility challenges in schools. (eg suitable toilets, hygiene facilities and stairs). Many education materials for children with disabilities are outdated or just do not exist.

With your support, this programme will build on the success of this work, with the goal that by the end of 2025, girls and boys with visual or hearing impairments will benefit from quality education in targeted public or private mainstream schools, in five regions of Madagascar. An incredible gift to children otherwise left behind.


  • The transformation of around 70 mainstream schools – to become inclusive schools that can provide quality inclusive education for all students.
  • Specialist training of an estimated 30 education trainers in the Competence Centres to deliver inclusive education training to teachers from mainstream schools.
  • Quality inclusive education training of an estimated 210 teachers from mainstream schools – to enable them to competently deliver education to blind and deaf students.
  • Advocating to increase competence and capacity of mainstream schools to enrol more students with disabilities.
  • The development and provision of necessary inclusive education materials and equipment required by students and teachers.
  • Increased community awareness of early identification of children and youth with disabilities.

Your support to this programme will enable quality education for girls and boys with visual and hearing impairments, and enable teachers to receive quality inclusive education training for the foreseeable future in these nine regions of central Madagascar.

It will also contribute to Madagascar’s National Education plan to reduce illiteracy to below 25% by 2030.


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