Reaching the most vulnerable children in Nepal

We first met Yam during the COVID-19 pandemic. With little access to education, health and basic essentials during the pandemic, Yam and his grandmother were both very grateful for the assistance they received through generous cbm supporters.

Born with cerebal palsy, a disorder that weakens muscles and inhibits movement, Yam was fully reliant on his grandmother for his daily tasks and mobility. On a normal day, his grandmother would carry him on her back to and from school, a tiring journey of one hour every day.

Through the cbm-partnered Hospital and Rehabilitation for Disabled Children (HRDC), Yam has recently received assistive devices to support his legs and, with gait training and physiotherapy, he can now take a few steps with the help of a walker. He has a wheelchair in which he roams around his home.

Yam’s grandmother is very happy with the services of HRDC as she sees an improvement in Yam’s mobility. She’s concerned about the road to his school as it is not very accessible, but is trying to move nearer to the school area.

Yam’s school has re-opened after the pandemic, and he has received a scholarship to attend. Yam’s teacher says that Yam is an active student, and is doing well in class. He enjoys school, and loves studying. But best of all, he is able to once again play with his friends, who help him around the school.