Bigger Than Ben Hur Gala

Elizabeth from cbm at the Bigger Than Ben Hur Gala

cbm recently partnered with a Year 8 class at the KingsWay School’s recent Bigger Than Ben Hur Gala.

The gala was a fundraiser for KingsWay School’s playground and sport facilities. Parents, students, teachers, grandparents, and the surrounding community all joined in the fun. The Plinko board game for the class attracted young and old.

A few cbm colleagues joined to show their support for the class and the school – Judi (who is the mother of one of the students), and Elizabeth, Mirella, and Maria.

What an incredible opportunity to let God minister through schools like KingsWay to help people who are going needlessly blind from treatable cataracts. People wanted to know more about the mission of cbm to end the cycle of poverty and disability for children and adults in the world’s poorest places.

cbm was honoured to be part of KingsWay School’s gala and enjoyed the excitement of the day.