Introducing Hermie

For those who don’t know Hermie, we feel she personifies the heart of cbm.

Prior to working for cbm Hermie lived in South Africa and worked as an External Business Banker. When she moved to New Zealand it was her heart’s desire to do something that would make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Hermie loves engaging with cbm’s supporters, sharing the wonderful real life stories of lives beings changed, and the miracle of sight-saving surgery through cbm. All this is made possible by the generous supporters who meet the needs of people living in the world’s poorest places. 

As a small child, Hermie often visited a Christian School for the Blind in Zimbabwe, founded by her Aunt after finding many children being born blind. They were rejected by their families and communities on account of superstition. Hermie has never forgotten the sound of their singing as they weaved the most beautiful baskets, or washed their laundry and dried it in the African sun. Seeing the joy on their faces is something that will stay in her heart forever.

To succeed and encourage others, to be a part of something so much larger than ourselves, is something very meaningful. The Founder of cbm said that everyone understands the language of love, and this inspires Hermie every day.