Because of you…

Hilda from PNG after cataract surgery

…Hilda thanks the Lord, as well as people like you, for being an answer to her prayers. 

Hilda was only in her mid-40’s when her vision began to deteriorate. She thought it would improve, but it just kept getting worse.

Living with her husband and six children, just 15 kilometres from Goroka, Hilda had heard of the cbm-funded Goroka Eye Unit, but she didn’t really know what they did. She had certainly never heard of cataracts before.

Being self-employed, with a business growing and selling flowers to hotels in Port Moresby, and with two children still living at home, she relied on the help from her youngest daughter as she couldn’t see the insects on her flowers or even the quality of them. This caused her a lot of stress. 

Hilda prayed that her sight would get better, and that help would come her way.

Blindness affected everything she did. She was unable to maintain the quality of her business, and she lost her independence, needing someone to help her with all her daily tasks.

Only her family knew she was blind, as she was concerned other people would take advantage of her.

She stopped talking to friends. They would say hello on the street and Hilda would respond, but she no longer stopped to talk to them, as she couldn’t see who it was. This was so isolating for her.

She eventually turned to the cbm-funded Goroka Eye Unit, supported by generous people like you. And that’s where her prayers were answered.

After her sight-saving cataract surgery, Hilda thanked the Lord that she received help. 

And she thanks you, kind and generous cbm supporters, for helping her.

She feels that she has been born into the world again, and it’s the small things that are so important to her. She is so thankful now that she can see the faces of her beautiful grandchildren.

Hilda is happy once again and looks forward to having a good life. She prays and gives thanks to those that have made it possible for her to get her sight back. And she encourages others with failing sight to seek help.