Because of you…

…lives have changed forever!

The Christmas Gifts of Life catalogue was a huge hit, and here’s some of the biggest attractions…

Gorgeous Goats!
Because of you, families living in the most remote and poorest areas of the world have just received a generous gift – a goat! A goat is a lifeline for many families who live in poverty, providing them with fresh milk to drink, and manure to help their garden flourish.

Wonderful Water!
Because of you, people living in poverty have received a wonderful gift – clean water from well-maintained boreholes, to help protect against Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Seeds for Survival!
Because of you, hungry people in the world’s poorest places have received the gift of seeds to be planted and nurtured, giving them healthy vegetables.

And that’s just three examples of the difference you’re making.

Throughout the year, and on special occasions like Christmas and Easter, many cbm supporters like you give Gifts of Life to their family and loved ones. And for every gift, a life is transformed. Thank you for being part of bringing so much joy, to so many.

It’s never too late to give a Gift of Life to help children and adults with disabilities in the world’s poorest places. Click here to purchase your Gift of Life today.