Because of you…

Lives are being transformed…

It’s always a special moment when we get to hear from our supporters – people like you, generously devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places.

Recently, we sent out a Supporter Survey, a reminder that every life changed is made possible because of you. Your feedback is incredibly important. It not only helps us improve our services, but it also helps to understand what your needs are, and help us find more likeminded supporters. If you completed the survey, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, prayers and valuable feedback! If you indicated your willingness to increase your support, or your involvement via the survey, we will be in touch with you soon. Thank you for you caring heart to help people with disabilities in poverty.
From the survey results, below are some of the areas where supporters are willing to grow their support to help end the cycle of poverty and disability:

Your legacy for people around the world
An increased number of supporters made the incredibly generous decision to leave a gift in their Will, so they can continue to bring hope and healing to more people in the future. To find out more about leaving a legacy of kindness in your Will please call 0800 77 22 64 and ask for Mirella or Viv.

The difference of your ongoing support
We’re grateful for the supporters who have chosen to give a regular gift, to help people with disabilities all over the world. To find out more about becoming a monthly supporter please call 0800 77 22 64.

The power of individuals like you
By coming together in a spirit of kindness and compassion, a group of generous supporters are helping to create a Matching Gift Fund that can be used to double the gifts of our other supporters, inspiring a new wave of generosity. We call these people “Growth Givers”. To find our more information about becoming a Growth Giver please call 0800 77 22 64.

cbm storytellers
We are delighted that some of you would love to become cbm storytellers and share cbm stories with your Home Group/Missions Group/your wider church family. Thank you for being willing to sharing these transformational stories of hope. To find out more information about becoming a cbm storyteller please call 0800 77 22 64 and ask for Elizabeth.
Joining cbm for Advent
This year we are excited that more of you are joining cbm for Advent, either through providing your Church with thoughtful scriptures, suggested sermon notes, prayers, and cbm’s transformational stories of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, or by joining cbm online and creating special memories by celebrating Advent in your own home. To find our more information about joining cbm for Advent please call 0800 77 22 64 and ask for Elizabeth.

Because of people like you… children and adults with disabilities have more opportunities.