Ramsaran’s Life-changing Transformation

Five-year-old Ramsaran barely left the family hut due to his severe clubfoot. He was unable to go to school, as his ankles were bent inwards and he couldn’t walk like other children. His school was too far away and it was too painful for him to get there. He cried when his older siblings left for school without him.

Ramsaran’s family were so poor they couldn’t afford the bus trip to hospital, let alone the cost of three months of clubfoot treatment and surgery. But thanks to the generous support of people like you, Ramsaran has received life-changing surgery for bilateral clubfoot and he is now learning to walk.

What a blessing people like you are to this family! His Dad is so grateful, “It is like God has sent you. Thank you so much.”

At the cbm-partnered Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children (HRDC) in Kathmandu, Ramsaran’s twisted ankles were cast each week to slowly reshape his ankles – followed by a small operation called “heel cord release” so his feet could sit level. He has also received special orthotic shoes, tough enough for mountain paths, made especially for him at the specialist HRDC hospital.

He will be wearing these shoes every day as he grows into his new life; walking to school, helping with the chores, playing with friends. Growing into a fine, healthy, well-schooled and sure-footed young man, with a deeply grateful heart for all the help you have given him.

“I’m very happy,” Ramsaran says – and his Dad wants you to know, “I’ll always be grateful to people like you for supporting Ramsaran in this journey. Thank you for transforming my son’s life.”